Motorquality S.p.A.

Via Carducci, 125
20099 – Sesto San Giovanni
(MI) – Italy

Phone. +39.02.24 951.1 ra
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Administration Unit:
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From Monday to Fridayr – From 8.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30

From Monday to Fridayr – From 8.30 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.30


Founded in 1976, Motorquality has established itself on the domestic market as a company of absolute excellence for the distribution of components in the Automotive sector. The company oversees, since the first years of activity, the After Market, Performance and Racing markets through commercial and technical partnerships with the most prestigious brands in the Motorcycles and Cars panorama.

Over the years Motorquality has established itself on international markets through acquisitions and new initiatives. Today the organization of Motorquality is developed around three main offices: in Italy, in Sesto San Giovanni, in the historic site a few steps from the Monza circuit, in Germany, in Viernheim, near the Hockenheim circuit and in China, in Shanghai, in the area close to the F.1 circuit.

Passion, dynamism and competence are the guidelines on which customer management strategies are developed. The Motorquality Team, built over time with professionalism and technical skills, is prepared to well manage the different dynamics required by the target markets.

Customer support is guaranteed in all its aspects by offering the best service on offer. Testing, Logistics, Marketing and Communication, assistance on the racing track and technical support are the flagship of the company.

A testing department equipped with dynamic benches for testing brakes and suspensions guarantees fundamental support for defining the performance and efficiency of the products and for testing their durability in any condition of use. Customers can take advantage of a development service as well as a pre bedding service on some components.

A modern, efficient logistics that uses the most up-to-date management software developed to measure, allows Motorquality to manage more than 40,000 items in stock and a database of thousands of customers. Customers can access their account and product availability through a B2B portal that guarantees timely order management.

Marketing and Communication are developed in the company by an internal team that daily creates highly specialized content in order to make them available directly to end users and to all partners of the company, whether they are customers or suppliers, via the web and social media. Every year an editorial plan is developed with the media and with partner brands to promote products, support information and launch new initiatives.

Motorquality, through state-of-the-art tools, means and resources, guarantees a strong presence on the race circuits at weekends as technical support for the teams and drivers participating in the main car and motorcycle championships and during the week, in the company, in support of all the other customers.

Motorquality directly organizes race events for enthusiasts on the main European circuits.

Motorquality is “Technology for Sport”.


MQ Moto is the division of Motorquality S.p.A. highly specialized in the distribution of products of the following brands Moto :

Brembo, Brembo Racing, Marchesini, Nitro, Sprint Filter, Afam, Allegri, Ison, Dynavolt.

MQ Auto is the division of Motorquality S.p.A. highly specialized in the distribution of products of the following brands Car:

Brembo, Brembo Racing, Akrapovic, H&R, Koni, Pagid, Sprint Filter, Race Chip, Recaro, Sachs, Allegri.